Interesting white papers on important trends and topics in the world of communications.

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At the advertising agency Pubmarket!, we’re not just steeped in our business every day; we also closely monitor all the important trends and evolutions taking place in omnichannel communications. We analyse the most interesting of these in our white papers.

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White papers

Pubmarket! white paper about brand activation
Is traditional advertising dead? Far from it, but more is needed. Experiences with your brand to trigger interest, trial, and loyalty. Curious as to whether brand activation is the right strategy for your brand?
Pubmarket! white paper about retail marketing.
Retailers are exploring the possibilities of AI. Big data analytics, machine learning and speech synthesis are key. Don’t miss this white paper if you want to put your communications on the intelligent pathway.
Pubmarket! white paper about dealer marketing.
Retailers face a complex exercise. Dealers know perfectly well how to handle folders, regional media and POS activations, but have cold feet when it comes to digital touchpoints. A challenge for every retailer!
Pubmarket! white paper about event marketing
Amidst all digital communication noise, events are a unique opportunity to match your brand with your customers. More and more, event marketing is becoming experience marketing. Discover how!
Pubmarket! white paper about retail marketing.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality could well be the most important technological innovations since the arrival of the smartphone. Curious to know how VR and AR could change retail marketing?