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“Your personal brand is what people say when you’re not in the room!”

More information about personal branding?

Branding goes beyond branding companies and products. The person behind the companies and the brand is also important. That's why personal branding gets more and more attention.

In people we trust!

Businesses, political parties and other organisations have lost a great deal of credibility. Unless they have a human face and act in a human way. People trust people. Especially experts and people with whom they can identify themselves. Everything becomes more personal, despite or possibly even thanks to digitisation.

Your personal brand, your way of life!

Your personal brand must be your way of life. Sometimes working on your image isn't enough. It's not a nine-to-five thing that ends when you close the door of your office. Your personal brand is alive 24/7. Every detail counts and contributes to the assessment that others make of you around the clock.

The X4 method

To develop your personal brand together, Pubmarket! uses the self-developed and proven X4 method.


  1. Mapping your own personal brand; image scan and workshop
  2. Developing your personal brand
  3. Transferring your personal brand, topics & style
  4. Implementing & maintaining your personal brand