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“Great content is the best sales tool in the world!”

More information about content marketing?

Pushy commercial messages have run their course. Customers, both B2C and B2B, prefer to look for solutions themselves when it suits them. That journey almost always starts with a Google search. They will find out about your solutions as well as those of your competitors. That's precisely why authentic content marketing has become so important.

With the appropriate strategic approach and content, potential customers can discover your brand, product or service for themselves in their search for solutions. Personalisation and interaction are the key concepts in this approach. So very different from traditional mass communication.

But the vision of content is wrong in many companies. They create profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and only then start thinking about the content. A successful content strategy requires a clear plan with clear goals. What do we want to achieve, who do we want to reach, and why? Only then can you make the right channel choices.

Good content marketing starts from a good understanding of your buyer personae and their buyer journey. Your buyer personae will teach you how your customers think, what arguments you can use to convince them and what you should avoid. The buyer journey gives you insight into their online and offline touchpoints so that you can lead potential customers to the purchase decision via a funnel.

Today is not so much about getting attention as it is about giving and earning attention by offering targeted content. Pubmarket! works with inbound marketing based on the acronym ACCD: Attract, Convert, Close, Delight. In the attraction phase, you draw attention with clear blogs in a more journalistic style. In the conversion phase, all attention goes to lead nurturing, offering additional information and attractive offers. In the closing phase, it is up to sales to turn the well-informed prospect into a customer. In the delight phase, the nurturing process starts again to create customer loyalty. We keep in mind that a loyal customer is a particularly profitable investment. It costs a lot more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one!

To set up your content marketing as efficiently as possible, Pubmarket! works with marketing automation based on programmes like Sharpspring. It may sound paradoxical, but automation can make your content marketing very personal.

Content marketing is not only a matter of strategy but also of sound craftsmanship. Our excellent content writers and vloggers make sure that your articles, whitepapers and podcasts stand out!


  1. Developing buyer personae
  2. Mapping the buyer journey
  3. Drawing up the content plan
  4. Making the content
  5. Choosing the right channels
  6. Starting the marketing automation
  7. Measuring and adjusting