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“Products are made in a factory, brands are created in the mind!”

More information about our strategic approach?

Before you can introduce a new brand to the market and start your brand activation, you have to define the identity, the core of your brand, very clearly. Within the brand design model that we have at Pubmarket!, we always start with the mental and visual brand identity before beginning the brand activation process.

These are two essential steps for each brand, for each company. You have to know exactly what your brand stands for in order to convince your target groups of your brand values. The mental brand values are at the heart of the brand design model. What is the relevance and ambition of our brand? What do we want to project to which target groups? Once the core is clear, we can start building the visual brand identity: a distinctive look & feel for the brand, a powerful logo or baseline, the definition of the tone-of-voice, etc.

Only when these foundations are ready can we start the brand activation. To do this, we develop a customer brand journey model for each target group, in which we define the right brand touchpoints for each step in the decision-making process of our potential customers. Physical and digital brand expressions that determine the real brand image in the market. Pubmarket! focuses on making every stage of the customer journey as attractive as possible. 


  1. Analysing the foundations for the mental brand identity
  2. Developing the brand identity kit
  3. Creating the name, logo, and baselines
  4. Translating this to the visual brand identity
  5. Determining the KPI's based on the market potential
  6. Measuring and adjusting