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Cases: Unilever Food Solutions

Food communication, internal communication en brand activation case van Pubmarket! voor Unilever Food Solutions over de campagne “Een nieuw intern communicatieplatform: UFS NEWS 2.0”.

A new internal communication platform: UFS NEWS 2.0

For a globally operating food service company such as Unilever Food Solutions, efficient internal communication is an absolutely critical success factor. UFS has been supporting this for years, but the communication of the quarterly updates needed an update. The content - results, innovations, HR news, etc. - was right, but the format, the 20-minute message from the CEO, needed to get with the times. Pubmarket! oversaw the creative concept, the architecture, the development of the platform, the editing and content, including video messages and analytics.
Event communicatie, food communicatie en interne communicatie case van Pubmarket! voor Unilever over “PIW-conventie Rotterdam”.

Unilever PIW-convention Rotterdam

Amidst all digital communication noise, physical events are a unique opportunity for marketers and managers to match their message with the stakeholders. For Unilever's latest worldwide Purpose Implementation Workshop in Rotterdam, advertising agency Pubmarket! developed a high-performance convention app all participants could easily download.
Event communicatie en food communicatie case van Pubmarket! voor Unilever over “Welkom op het WK Voetbal!”.

Welcome to the wonderful world of World Cup… Foodball!

Every year, advertising agency Pubmarket! creates a loyalty program for Unilever Food Solutions and its line of Knorr products for the professional and food service market. But this time, Pubmarket! closed the campaign with a spectacular and surprising event at Tour & Taxis in Brussels.
Event communicatie en food communicatie case van Pubmarket! voor Unilever over “The ‘Lipton Exclusive Selection’ Experience”.

The ‘Lipton Exclusive Selection’ Experience

With its renewed brand, Lipton Exclusive Selection, Unilever Food Solutions is aiming at a significant up-market repositioning of its Lipton tea products for the trade market. To launch the new product line with plenty of impact for the professional target audience, advertising agency Pubmarket! focussed fully on experience marketing and event marketing.
Food communicatie case van Pubmarket! voor Unilever over “Naar de essentie voor Unilever”.

To the Essence for Unilever

Unilever Food Solutions wanted to inspire and help professional chefs with practical advice and solutions. Together with an impressive line-up of professionals, they published the extensive reference work ‘The Essence – The Contemporary Kitchen’. Advertising agency Pubmarket! took care of the entire communication about the book, including the launch and the activation.
Food communicatie case van Pubmarket! voor Unilever over “Een unieke kit voor Unilever”.

UniKIT – Unilever, Kitchen, Inspiration and Information Tool

Developed by advertising agency Pubmarket! in collaboration with Unilever Food Solutions, UniKIT is a food marketing tool packed with inspiring recipes, tasty content that is relevant to community chefs, activity kits for brand activation in social restaurants and an online content platform.