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Cases: Euro-Délices

Case Euro-Délices van communicatiebureau Pubmarket!

Spain on your plate

During the summer months in 2017, Euro-Délices wanted to promote its Spanish tapas specialities in the Carrefour hypermarkets. Advertising agency Pubmarket! worked out a creative concept.
Merkactivatie, food communicatie en retail communicatie case van Pubmarket! voor Traiteur Pierrot over “Kwaliteitsvoeding, elke dag opnieuw met Traiteur Pierrot!”.

Quality food, day in day out with Traiteur Pierrot 

Traiteur Pierrot (part of the Euro-Délices group) is well-known amongst wholesalers for its delicious range of ready-made meals. And now, having entered the consumer market, they are about to capture the hearts of food fans everywhere. Advertising agency Pubmarket! not only prepared the scrumptious packaging for these products, they also cooked up the communication strategy.