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Cases: Bidfood

Food communication, event communication en brand activation case van Pubmarket! voor Bidfood over de campagne “Bidfood, one century of passion!”.

Bidfood, one century of passion!

The entire autumn of 2018 was all about the 100-year anniversary of Bidfood, market leader in food services. As their leading agency, Pubmarket! was responsible for the overall picture: from creative concept to graphic design and rolling out all communication activities, with the Bidfood 100 Years event as the cherry on top of the birthday cake.
Food communicatie case van Pubmarket! voor Bidfood over “Een complete cateringoplossing: van distributie tot partner”.

A Complete Catering Solution: from Distribution to Partner

Bidfood, leading food distribution company and subsidiary of Bidcorp Group, distributes food and food-related products to catering companies and industrial kitchens in companies, schools, retirement homes, hospitals and non-profit organisations in Belgium and Luxemburg. Advertising agency Pubmarket! helped Bidfood in finding the very essence of the brand, strengthening its position as market leader.