Strategic partnership RetailSonar & Pubmarket!

Competition in the retail branch is fierce. New chains are claiming their piece of the pie. Flash delivery companies are giving everyone a headache. The consumer is more demanding and particular than ever. There is an overkill of touchpoints to reach this consumer. In conclusion: the retail landscape is complex, and without a well-structured and thought-out strategy, you cannot challenge the competition, let alone win against them.

The combination of data and creativity is without a doubt one of the most powerful weapons in this retail battle. That is why Pubmarket! in its capacity as creative optichannel communication agency and RetailSonar, the retail data experts, have joined forces. Through their data platform, they can help you find the right new locations, optimize your current network and launch efficient local marketing campaigns.

In order to show the opportunities of this partnership to our stakeholders, we organized a successful webinar together: ‘Make the most out of local marketing!’. Pieter-Jan De Smet, Marketing Manager RetailSonar and Annelies Hendrix, MarCom Strategist Pubmarket!, gave a triggering presentation to about one hundred retail pros from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Together, they tackled the question: how can we guide retailers towards an optichannel (local) marketing strategy? The process starts with very concrete RetailSonar data as input for strategic decisions. Pubmarket! uses this data as a base for the strategic translation and creative, targeted campaigns.

From intuition to data intelligence

In order to get optimal ROI from the sales network, RetailSonar developed a data platform that helps you plan locations and gives you insights into your local location and marketing performance. A tool for the real-estate manager as well as the sales and marketing manager. Thanks to smart data capturing, state of the art A(rtificial) I(ntelligence) and geomarketing, the retailer receives a powerful tool to make the right decisions autonomously.


From data intelligence to marketing intelligence

For Pubmarket!, the correct interpretation of this data is the base for a creative translation. Creativity is more important than ever to be unique and relevant. Creative messages make us connect with clients. That is why we prefer to talk about data inspired instead of data-driven marketing. Complementary research into trends and customer insights e.g., is still important to get a total overview.

The cases of JBC and Prik&Tik (see presentation) are a great illustration of this approach. Four Use cases illustrate how you can get more out of your (local) marketing in a smart way. The switch to national optimization of your campaigns to the right actions per location especially opens remarkably interesting and lucrative perspectives for the retail sector.

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