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Pubmarket! wins two B2B Press & Communication Awards!

During the third edition of the B2B Press & Communication Awards organised by MM, the trade journal of the communications industry, Pubmarket! received two awards! They received the “Best Communication Mix” award for the ‘Diamonds with a story’ campaign for diamond producer Rio Tinto Diamonds. The “B2B Publications of the Year” award was for the UniKIT programme for Unilever Food Solutions.

“Pubmarket! participated in the prominent B2B Press & Communication Awards with two dossiers. And they did so successfully, because both submissions got the main prize in their category. And we are pretty proud of that for several reasons. Ever since the start of Pubmarket! in 2003, we have handled communications for Unilever Food Solutions, Unilever’s B2B division. This award is the cherry on top for our partnership of 13 years. We’ve been working for Rio Tinto Diamonds, the most important diamond producer in the world after De Beers, for over 4 years now; also a solid business relation. Both clients have an international action radius. For Unilever Food Solutions, we handle communications in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. For Rio Tinto Diamonds, we work internationally with a global website for the American, the Chinese as well as the Indian market. We use storytelling for both clients. No ready-made promotional speeches, but strategically and well substantiated stories to fortify our clients’ place in the market,” according to Jean-Pierre Breels, CEO Pubmarket!.

UniKIT, for and by chefs
Unilever Food Solutions has the ambitious aim to improve the life quality of 1 billion people worldwide. The UniKIT programme, in full the Unilever Kitchen, Inspiration and information Tool, focuses specifically on chefs in nursing and care homes and schools. The approach is peer-to-peer and based on a concrete exchange of experiences. That’s how Unilever wants to inspire mass catering chefs to prepare balanced and delicious meals and to offer them in a pleasant environment. Not insignificant if you know that non-illness related malnutrition in seniors is an enormous problem. UniKIT is a simple and especially practical tool to support the chefs in their task. The biennial UniKIT edition always consists of several fixed elements. First, there is the publication itself with important content related to current and useful themes, practical tips, recipe inspiration, the product range of Unilever Food Solutions and a menu plan that considers the legal recommendations. On top of that, we work with an annual calendar and an activity package with promotional materials and detailed recipe files. Pubmarket! is responsible for UniKIT’s entire creation: concept, content and production.

Linda Sarrault, Marketing Manager Unilever Food Solutions Benelux France: “UniKIT is an extraordinarily strong story for several reasons. With UniKIT, we systematically deal with a serious problem, namely malnutrition in seniors. We do this in cooperation with external chefs who find themselves in this situation on a daily basis and are working with us on very concrete solutions. And of course with Pubmarket!, who has been our partner for 13 years and who has helped us put together UniKIT for 5 years already. At Pubmarket!, they know the market of mass catering for care institutions better than anyone.”

Frank Huyghe, Managing Director Unilever Food Solutions Benelux France: “This award confirms that UniKIT, and the concept to introduce a solution to malnutrition in the care industry, continues to be an extremely strong story in this sector and that it is brought to the target group in a proper way. It is also a good example of continuity in the activation: this concept is now over five years old, but it’s still relevant.”

Rio Tinto Diamonds, Diamonds with a Story
Rio Tinto Diamonds was facing the challenge of relaunching its uncut diamonds from the Australian Argyle mine as “fashion diamonds” and with the assumption that the growing middle class in China and India were an important potential target group. Because a B2C push campaign to convince consumers worldwide is virtually unaffordable, Pubmarket! and Rio Tinto Diamonds decided on a B2B pull campaign based on storytelling. To the traditional four Cs of the diamond industry – cut, colour, clarity and carat – a fifth element was added: the story. Together with Rio Tinto Diamonds, Pubmarket! decided on four stories with a fixed structure: Shaped by Origin, Cutting Impact, Mixed Medium and Colour my World. Thorough consumer research formed the basis of these stories for the American market with an emotional trigger to convince the manufacturers, the retailers and eventually the consumers to pay a surcharge for the Argyle diamonds. This new and for the traditional product driven diamond industry fairly revolutionary approach was launched successfully in 2013 at the JCK show in Las Vegas, the largest diamond and jewellery exhibition in the world. In 2015, the offline approach with exclusive books, the exhibition stand, PR, retailer toolkits, etc. was also launched online. After a thorough internal and external online audit, the stories were excellently digitally translated for the three most important markets: The United States, India and China. The case “Diamonds with a Story” is now a success story. Thanks to the bold approach and especially the courage of Rio Tinto Diamonds to think outside of the box with Pubmarket! and to follow them into this story.

Bruno Sane, General Manager of Marketing for Rio Tinto Diamonds : “Diamonds With A Story is the umbrella signature of our global market development initiatives in both established and emerging markets. It also recognizes that diamonds are not commodities, that every diamond has a story worth telling which consumers are keen to hear. We are excited by how well the ‘Diamonds with a Story’ platform developed in very close collaboration with Pubmarket! is resonating.”

For further information, please contact:
Jean-Pierre Breels
CEO Pubmarket!
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