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Welcome to Pubmarket! We’re a second-generation family business specialising in strategic marketing and communication that is 100% family-owned with only two shareholders (father and daughter) and no outside capital. This makes us flexible and adaptable, allowing us to seamlessly meet the changing needs of the market. We do this with a team of 60 experts in two offices: Hasselt (BE) and Amstelveen (NL).

Headlines to be proud of

Launch of the new Raw NoBeef Burger

“The vegan burger battle”

For the B2B launch of the new Raw NoBeef Burger by The Vegetarian Butcher™, aimed at food professionals, Pubmarket! Joined forces with comedian & chef Joost Van Hyfte to confront six chefs with the taste and bite of this new vegan top-shelf product.

RetailSonar & Pubmarket!

“Strategic partnership RetailSonar & Pubmarket!”

Competition in the retail branch is fierce. New chains are claiming their piece of the pie. Flash delivery companies are giving everyone a headache. The consumer is more demanding and particular than ever. There is an overkill of touchpoints to reach this consumer. In conclusion: the retail landscape is complex, and without a well-structured and thought-out strategy, you cannot challenge the competition, let alone win against them.

Feel-good campaign

“The ultimate Prik&Tik!”

Beverage chain, Prik&Tik has everything it needs to become a well-loved brand. A network of more than 100 shops, an online shop, and most importantly, an incredibly strong product range of beers, wines, spirits, lemonades, and non-alcoholic beverages. That’s why Pubmarket! created the ‘The ultimate Prik&Tik’ feel-good campaign (Op en top Prik&Tik), which is a perfect follow up of the story we have been working on with Prik&Tik over last couple of years. We want to use this new campaign to show that every wonderful moment shared with beverages from Prik&Tik can be perceived as a real ‘ultimate moment’.

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